About Rookie


Rookie is the new social learning platform that engages six to eleven year olds to practice and learn mathematics in a fun, interactive and safe environment. As fellow parents, we know that kids today are savvy users of technology.

Screen based activities are now a common part of their everyday lives along with other pursuits such as outdoor play, sport and schoolwork. 

Our vision to engage kids is based on three simple principles: 


Let’s face it; most parents would prefer that kids spend their time on educational games. But we also know that kids just want to have fun and a learning app is not something they actively seek out.

Rookie brings the creative and educational might of the best designers, educators and, well, some very talented game developers to build games that are designed to a high quality, capture the imagination and educate to a high standard.

After all, kids are some of the toughest critics in the world (just ask our eight and ten year old).

The link between playing and learning is compelling. With this in mind, we’ve worked closely with skilled educators and learning specialists to ensure your kids get the most out of Rookie. Key Australian math curriculum has been adapted to engage kids in their digital environment– in fact there are over 125 games coming to keep kids on their toes.

Rookie is best when playing with friends!

The latest version of Rookie (Rookie Math Pro) allows kids to connect with their best friends, explore worlds together and challenge each other in 3D games and quests. Kids can also use Rookie to just change out and chat together in the this virtual word if they like. There are lots more social games and challenges coming to Rookie so stay tuned.

We’d welcome your thoughts about our first release. What did we do well? What could we do better for your kids? We’re still learning too.


Rookie is all about bringing quality education to our kids whilst they are in front of a screen and making it fun!




Game menu for the "Number" section.

Game menu for the "Number" section.