our approach to education and working mathematically

Working closely with teachers, designers and kids, we have developed a series of interactive mini games to help kids enjoy mathematics. All our games follow the Australian mathematics curriculum and work across the 5 content strands which are numbers, Patterns & Algebra, Data, Measurement and Space & Geometry. We have carefully crafted content that covers school years 1 – 6.

we have created hundreds of games to increase your math skills.  



App release 2: Rookie Math Pro

Rookie Math Pro on iOS, Android, MAC & PC.

Rookie Math Pro on iOS, Android, MAC & PC.

Our latest release covers years 1 – 2, 3 – 4, 5 – 6 of the Australian curriculum. There are over 70 unique mini games in this first release to keep kids on their toes.

In this first release, there are five magical environments to play in, representing the 5 content strands of the Australian curriculum. So for example, in the Fire Dojo, players will learn all about the Numbers strand of the curriculum.


Start your adventure in the Fire Dojo by developing your NUMBER skills!

This could take you anywhere from adding & subtracting to multiplying & dividing or even pondering about chance events!



Patterns & Algebra

The Falls of Time is where you fine-tune all things PATTERNS & ALGEBRA. 

This is an important time to explore “algebraic thinking”such as replicating, describing and creating repeating number patterns!





The learning journey continues in the Heart of the Forest
where you can practice everything to do with DATA.
You will have so much fun playing our mini games that you won’t even notice that you’re collecting, organising, displaying and analysing data!





Candy Central is the place for all things MEASUREMENT where you can test your skills measuring Length, Area, Mass, Time, Volume and Capacity.





Space & Geometry

Toffee Volcano is the SPACE & GEOMETRY learning environment.
Play our fun mini games and become a whizkid on 2D space, 3D space and positions without even breaking a sweat!