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Rookie is a new social learning platform that engages six to twelve year olds to enjoy mathematics in a fun, interactive and safe environment.

Explore an exciting NEW 3D multiplayer world where playing and learning math with friends are one and the same. Combining everything your 6-11 year old kids love about video games with the mathematics curriculum to help them excel at school.

Discover secrets, unlock characters, play multiplayer challenges with friends, collect Rookie coins, earn trophies and level up by completing learning tasks and exploring. There are 70+ unique curriculum-based mathematics games that contain hundreds of individual challenges. As well as six varied difficulty levels to cater for different abilities.

Play and learn with your best friends!


Available on iOS, Android, Mac & PC.


The best learning app for kids coupled with fantastic graphics. Thank you and keep them coming.
— The one and only soho
I downloaded this for my god daughter and couldn’t stop play it myself
— Angie Graham
Great! Fun and educational. Really great for kids!
— Juhi Choudhury
Love the variety of games and characters! :)) fun way to learn!
— Para1999
I’ve always wanted to play as a dog! :D
— Siobhan D


Why Rookie

As fellow parents, we know that kids today are savvy users of technology. Screen based activities are now a common part of their everyday lives along with other pursuits such as outdoor play, sport and schoolwork. Rookie is all about bringing quality education to our kids whilst they are in front of a screen and making it fun!


Rookie Mini Games

Our games based approach to education

In order to provide challenging educational learning of kids; we have have developed over 70 interactive mathematics games which are called "Mini Games" and are based on the school curriculum. Kids need to complete these games in order to earn rewards, upgrades, unlock secret quests and freely explore our Rookie world!